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In 2012, ELGi and ROTAIR – two leading innovators in compressed air solutions in India and Italy respectively, merged to complement their strengths. Since then the resulting behemoth hasn’t looked back and has become a force to reckon with.


ELGi, a 1960 born organization promised to be research intensive, innovative and customer service centric. ROTAIR on the other hand was born right out of the ashes of the second world war in 1945. Starting with design and production of piston compressors in a small unit, ROTAIR soon graduated to small engines. It didn’t take too long for ROTAIR to start distributing all over Europe, especially France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.  Early 1970s saw the introduction of rotary vane air compressors with twin-cylinder VM engines. ROTAIR quickly expanded compressor capacities 25 cfm to 300 cfm. The 1970s brought new additions of screw compressors and opened up distribution vistas outside of Europe. The progress didn’t stop there. ROTAIR’s inventiveness saw capacity enhancement to the current 900 cfm. Additionally, ROTAIR is a regulatory compliant ISO 9001:2000 certified organization. The company controls design, production and testing via lean quality management procedures.

VRK Gommair Line


ROTAIR products come in all sizes and compatibilities. The VRK series is for small-scale maintenance work, the MDVN series is for construction applications like sandblasting, jackhammers, grinders, rammers and the biggest MDVS series is for the heaviest of the operations like drilling, mining and oil & gas exploration.

MDVN Series
MDVS Series


Yet another development has been the introduction of the VRH line. These are screw compressors driven by a hydraulic motor with an external hydraulic pump and oil circuit. Usually mounted on heavy excavators and hydraulic operating machines, the VRH compressors meet the exacting demands of compressed air on site. Not only that, ROTAIR has also devised the Gommair series of compressed air fitted service vans. The latest model VRK 185D is US and European gas emission regulation compliant and can be used in the vicinity of schools and hospitals, even at night.

Rampicar Series


These machines comply fully with the requirements of performance, safety and environmental protection standards. These machines, which are used for cleaning and restoration work or rough surfaces and facades, employ biocompatible ecological aggregates and atomized water. They are ideal for urban, marine and industrial cleaning operations because of the absence of chemical cleaning products. These ROTAIR compressor-mounted machines have proved their mettle, especially in nautical cleaning operations like hull cleaning, sandblasting, anti-fouling and painting.


It has been 5 years since the two market leaders coalesced and since then they’ve contributed a great deal to each other’s product and supply lines. For example, ROTAIR has played a major role in expanding ELGi’s ESPAC (Electric Powered Screw Air Compressor) range into Italy and other European markets in a short time. Thanks to ROTAIR’s careful planning and apt choice of distributors, ELGi EPSAC has earned a name for its quality and reliability in Italian industrial segments.


On the other hand, ROTAIR leveraged ELGi’s sourcing capabilities and is able to keep growing manufacturing costs in control, enabling the company to compete in tough markets like USA in the portable compressors segment.


The partnership has resulted into a compressor giant that’s rapidly progressing towards becoming one of the world’s leading companies. As they say, when the sum of the parts is bigger than the whole, it’s art. These two technology companies have come together to make a bigger, better and faster entity that delights clients across continents and industries.


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