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Machines are rugged, robust and sometimes unattractive and unappealing. They are known to get the job done and not much else — the more complicated the situation, the more complex, monstrous and displeasing the looks of the machine.

However, while we are most interested in the bigger picture – whatever happens to the tiny elements that make this possible?

This series of “ChangeYourPerspective” showcases an intriguing, skilfully aesthetic set of shots which truly showcase the harsh character behind every frame, set against natural surroundings. We urge you to question your mind’s eye and look at the insides of a factory with a unique vantage point that perceives everything as beautiful.

“ChangeYourPerspective” has a natural, cryptic texture welded to the fascinating rhythm of a machine in action.

Factories are intimidating, and at the same time lure you with their grandeur. Piece by piece, we invite you to witness a change in perspective and bring you what makes ELGi the mighty, global air compressor leader that it is today.

Take a closer look


The most exciting things in the world are in black and white.


Witness the blurred lines of mastery

Discover the soul of mettle

Shake off your tinted glasses; you will find the truth

The last man standing.

An edge over the ordinary

Bleeding pure victory

Look ahead – look for inspiration!


Carry the weight of the world, with your special tools!

When the fire ignites, it marks the start of something new.

No one does it better.

For it is the one who stands the surface is the most refined one. 

Back to the grind, with renewed vigour!

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