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In 2017, ELGi undertook the Conquer K2 Mission, a symbolic ascent of the second tallest mountain in the world. The team covered 28251 miles as a team!

In 2018, the team got together for the 100 KM challenge, celebrating ELGi’s presence in over 100 countries!

This year, ELGi is geared up for the ‘What’s your Finish Line’ challenge.

From products to people, ELGi has always believed in the philosophy of change and this year’s Coimbatore marathon presents an open challenge to all participants – How far are you willing to go for your health and well-being? What’s Your Finish Line?

There has always been emphasis on sports and fitness at ELGi. The organisation is constantly looking for opportunities to create a fulfilling work environment where employees can evolve and hone their skills, even beyond work. The commitment to personal growth and improvement has led to a unique partnership between ELGi and the Coimbatore Runners, an active club of runners who stretch their physical limits to achieve their fitness goals.

The Coimbatore Marathon

The 7th edition of the Coimbatore Marathon this year, is expecting 16,000+ participants. This marathon is not just about the race- it is about bringing together people from various walks of life, encouraging them to lead a healthier life. However, the Marathon has a bigger objective to raise funds and awareness around cancer.

The What’s Your Finish Line challenge

This will be the third time we are extending the campaign to all our stakeholders who may be directly or indirectly associated with ELGi.

#What’sYourFinishLine will prompt every ELGi employee, dealer, customer, supplier, customer and the society at large to have their own personal targets and work towards them. It stems from ELGi’s philosophy of having a work-life balance for everyone and the commitment to evolve continuously.

This year’s challenge is inspired by the final milestone of a marathon, yet it goes way beyond the marathon by encouraging individuals to decide their own challenges and work slowly yet consistently towards them.

Every week we will put forward a set of challenges; tag a buddy, take up a sport, embrace the outdoors and more; to encourage participants towards the bigger goal- a sustainable, healthy and disease-free tomorrow.

We’re also giving away a bunch of prizes up to $50 (Rs. 4000) so spread the word and have all your friends join in!

Gear up for your first challenge!

Through the years, this community of runners has been committed to challenging the limits while also making a difference with constant support to the Coimbatore Cancer Foundation.

Let’s partner in this journey towards a healthier life, supporting each other and our environment as we march ahead.

We have a series of challenges coming your way, starting 6th September to break away from your monotonous lifestyle straight into health and well-being! So, watch out for updates on ELGi’s social platforms and spread the word among friends.

Follow these pages to stay updated and join the thousands internationally, also running towards achieving their fitness milestones.

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