ELGi is a leading air compressor manufacturer with a full range of technologically superior compressed air systems. At ELGi, every system, every process is part of an unwavering commitment to be 'Always Better'. Testament to this is the company’s portfolio of over 2 million compressors running across 100+ countries. ELGi supports applications across industries, whether it is the paint on your wall, the car you drive, the medicines you take or the leather bag you carry.

Through this blog, we aim to bring fascinating stories of compressed air from a variety of these industries. Strap in, as we take you across continents highlighting ELGi’s role in global innovation and sustainability efforts. With news of the industry’s best practices, our journal will keep you abreast of latest advancements in the world of compressed air.

The Compressed Air Journal is an endeavor to create a virtual think tank – where industry members can prod the boundaries of learning and strive towards progressively efficient and sustainable solutions.

ELGi. Always Better.